San Pedro de Alcántara

The Spanish city of San Pedro de Alcántara is located just 10 km west of the luxurious coastal town of Marbella, just a few minutes from the natural beauty of the Sierra de Ronda and 20 km from the City of Estepona.

San Pedro has become increasingly popular in recent years, both among tourists and among foreign residents. A main road divides the area; On the one hand, the old town with its narrow cobbled streets and small shops, and on the beach side, new developments, long beaches and a charming promenade with excellent beach restaurants.



The beach of San Pedro de Alcántara belongs to the municipality of Marbella in Malaga and is located halfway between the spectacular urban center of Marbella and the beautiful municipality of Estepona.

The beach of San Pedro de Alcántara is considered one of the quietest in the area. With its sand and dark gravels, the beach has a single tree-lined eucalyptus, which goes almost to the shore, and a number of palm trees adorning its beautiful promenade.

Among the palms, there is a curious visitor: a real-life sculpture of an elephant who walks the beach with happiness. As expected, this elephant has become one of the most popular elements of the beach and the most photographed by visitors.

The beach is 1,400 meters long and about 35 meters wide. A great beach whose virtues have earned it the blue flag for 24 years.


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